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Deep Box Museum Frame 50x50cm
Deep Box Museum Frame 50x50cm

Deep Box Museum Frame 50x50cm

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This frame features a 33mm wide Black Flat moulding manufactured out of Ayous with a Paint finish. Like all picture frames, the lip of the frame will overlap your picture by approx 5mm on each side. This is the same on all picture frames to hold everything in place inside the frame.

This frame will fit artwork / picture size of 50cm x 50cm overlapping your artwork by approx 5mm on each side. The depth is 30mm and the maximum thickness of artwork that will fit inside is 20mm. If your artwork is quite thick (more than 8mm thick), give us a call or send us an email after placing your order to let us know and we'll make sure the artwork clips are at the right depth.

This frame can be supplied with Non-Reflective Acrylic Glazing. Non-reflective glazing reduces the number of reflections by scattering light reflections in different directions. In order to scatter light this way, the product has a diffused finish which could be described as fuzzy, cloudy or hazy when looking closely. All our acrylic glazing products are lighter than glass and much stronger. Unlike glass, acrylic is safe to handle, making it the perfect choice when you are fitting your own artwork.

This frame comes supplied with a removable, sturdy, MDF Backing Board as standard.

This frame includes a Wall Hanging Kit, which includes everything you need to hang it on the wall in landscape or portrait. It is not recommended to deselect this option unless you have some other way of hanging your frame.

The frame also comes supplied with Foam Bumpers, which stick to the back of the frame to stop the corners scratching your wall.

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